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Serving schools,  industry, education and nonprofit organizations in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and the Upper Midwest.


Share your performance, recital, prom grand march or event with friends & family with professional video 

You’ve planned and practiced to perfection ... and now you’d like a chance to share your school concert or program, your community event or even a once-in-a-lifetime event like the prom with people who couldn’t be there.

Or perhaps you’d like the chance yourself to sit back as an observer, instead of a participant, to review, relax and reminisce.

We work with schools and organizations to produce professional videotapes and DVDs of these special occasions. We’ll videotape your event (with one or two cameras, depending on the nature of the occasion and your budget). We’ll record quality audio through your sound board. We’ll edit the master tapes for smooth transitions and telling details. Then we’ll produce dubs or DVDs to your specs. We can even use still shots to design a custom label and package.

Want to find out more? Give us a call at 1.877.290.0697 (toll-free) or click the link below. 

What does it cost?

Schools and community organizations typically cover the cost of having us produce profession, edited videos of their events by selling DVDs or videotapes to families of their students.

The school or organization is responsible for collecting orders and payment for tapes or DVDs prior to the event. In some cases, the entire cost is raised by selling tapes; in others, the school or organization makes up part of the overall cost through sales and covers the rest on a fee basis.

Our costs are based on a production charge plus the cost of duplicating tapes. Here are several possible examples based on a one-hour performance. (Actual figures vary. Your cost will be based on your specific situation.)

  • 30 tapes @ $20

  • 43 tapes @ $15

  • 57 tapes @ $10 

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