Build your business FAST
with the hottest technology
since the fax and cell phone ...
Video Email!

The video revolution is sweeping the Internet!
Now YOU can cash in on the hottest new tools —
Video Email and Streaming Video.

Internet use is EXPLODING!

• More 600 million people are sending 30 billion text emails daily.
• More than 20,000 new websites are registered every day.
• Internet-based sales are exploding — 26% last Christmas alone!
• Countless “traditional” businesses in every industry, large and small, are looking to the Web as their absolute best opportunity for growth in 2007 and beyond.

Streaming Video is today’s biggest trend.

• Experts say Video Email will replace text email in the next 18 to 36 months.
• Streaming video sites like YouTube attract tens of millions of visitors daily.
• Video presentations are becoming a major part of web sites, replacing words & photos.
• LIVE video webcasting opens the door to hundreds of possibilities!
• Revenue from streaming video is expected to grow from $2 billion today $12 billion by 2008.

Video Email will turbocharge your message
and impress customers, colleagues and friends!

How To Build Your Business with Video

Video Email is still so new that your customers and contacts will be amazed and impressed. But newness is just a small part of the benefits you’ll gain from video.

As of right now, fewer than 50,000 people — WORLDWIDE — have ever received a Video Email ... and less than half that many have sent one! You can be the FIRST in your market to use this irresistible new sales tool to communicate your sales message in a whole new way — as effective as actually being there in person!

See some samples of real Video Emails>

  • • Experts say 55% of a message’s meaning is derived from your facial expression ... and 38% from gestures and body language.
    • People remember 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see and hear, 50% of what they see and hear together ... and 80% of what they see, hear and do.

Advantages of Selling Your Product or Service with Streaming Video

• Uniformity of message — everyone hears the same message.
• Increased response rates, sometimes as high as 30%.
• Shorter sales cycle; faster speed to market.
• Improved message retention.
• Faster return on investment.

Use Streaming Video To Build Relationships with Your Clients and Colleagues

Streaming Video is much more than a business tool! And Video Email is just the start.

• Update customers and hold regular training sessions with regular Video Podcasts.

• Communicate face to face in real time with Video Instant Messaging (Video IM). You can see, hear and respond to up to four people live online at one time for a group chat.

• Educate, train and motivate audiences anywhere with live video broadcasts (just like having your own TV channel). Your broadcasts can be archived for future viewing ... even set up as pay-per-view!

• Receive email notification whenever one of your Video Emails has been watched.

• Customize your Video Email and Live Broadcast window with your own logo and other visuals. Emphasize important points and offers with text, photos and graphics. Display a series of images (like a Powerpoint show) beside the video screen throughout your broadcast.

• Offer training and sales videos online 24/7 by uploading videos to your Video Vault — up to 30 GB of media storage!

Here’s an iron-clad prediction for your future that you can bet on!
Between now and the end of 2008, you will be using Streaming Video on the Internet to build your business.

Will you be an innovator — a leader who beats your competition to the punch? Or will you wait and become a Johnny-come-lately ... just another company straggling along, trying to catch up to the leaders?

Now, for the $$$$$ question ...
Will you pay for your Internet video?
Or will it pay you?

This is certain: Video WILL be part of building every business very, very soon! The real question is this: DO YOU PREFER TO PAY FOR YOUR STREAMING VIDEO ... OR DO YOU WANT VIDEO TO PAY YOU?

The technology company that has pioneered the use of Video Email and live Streaming Video is seeking affiliated resellers, both full-time and part-time. No experience with sales, computer technology or the Internet is necessary. The system is that easy to use!

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Whichever you prefer — to use video in your business, or to make it your business — don’t wait! Contact See You Soon LLC for a confidential demonstration of the dynamic impact that Internet Streaming Video will have on your customers ... and your business!

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